Our Programme

What do you gain by becoming a Toastmaster?

  • Improve your Communication, Listening & Presentation skills
  • Improve your Leadership skills
  • Improve your Evaluation skills
  • Build your confidence
  • Meeting new people and build a network of friends
  • Share experiences
  • Mentoring (both being mentored and being a mentor)
  • Most importantly: You will have lots of fun!

How do you achieve the above goals?

By regularly attending club meetings, doing speeches and assuming roles in a very supportive and safe environment. Every role and speech is evaluated, so that members learn on a constant basis. We all need feedback to improve and maximise our potential.

On joining the club, members receive a pack with full information and login details in order to plan and document all their speeches and roles on the club meetings website. The first target is to complete 10 speeches in order to become a Competent Communicator and to carry out a variety of roles during the meetings in order to achieve the Competent Leader award.

  • Competent Communicator: The Competent Communicator manual contains 10 speech projects, each of which focuses on a different aspect of public speaking such as speech structure, voice projection, body language etc. Once all 10 speeches are completed, the Competent Communicator award is granted and members can progress to more Advanced Speeches.
  • Competent Leader: In order to become a Competent Leader, you have to fulfil roles that are spread over 10 projects. That sounds like a lot of hard work but most of the roles required for this manual are meeting roles such as time-keeper and grammarian. Whenever you perform a role, make sure you get feedback and in no time at all, you will have completed this manual!