9 August 2017 Summary

What an evening! Carrie was the extremely efficient Toastmaster and led us through an energetic and fun meeting with the theme ‘empowerment.’

It was a special meeting as we were saying goodbye to Susan Treadgold, a charismatic and popular member since 2009. Susan is moving to San Diego and our loss will be their gain. It was also great to see our members, Barbora, Maria and Esmé, move forward on their competent communication (“CC”) manual.

The first speech (the 7th project in the CC manual with an objective to research your topic) was delivered by Barbora with the title Tomorrow’s Jobs”.  Barbora grabbed our attention from the start by telling us that 65% of our children’s jobs don’t exist today and went on to describe some fascinating jobs in Artificial Intelligence, from ‘Virtual Habitat Designer’ to ‘Digital Cultural Commentator.’

Maria followed with her 3rd speech “Memory”. This was a most helpful presentation of techniques (Concentration, Repetition, and Visualisation) to assist us in remembering people’s names, which was motivated by an unfortunate encounter 10 years ago in Harari.

Esmé then hypnotized us with her description of ‘Tiger-Leaping Gorge,’ the deepest river gorge in the world whilst delivering her 4th speech “I can’t wait to go back”. The objective of this speech was to use language to communicate accurately and vividly, which she did with lots of bubbly charm, enthusiasm and fabulously descriptive language, describing her first visit to China, its street food, stunning scenery and fascinating culture. We fully understand why she “can’t wait to go back”.

Last but definitely not least, there was Susan’s farewell speech “My Hourglass Moment” in which Susan revealed her personal experience of breast cancer and her alternative, holistic treatment of it. We were exposed to exotic visual aids such as frilly, non-underwired bras to highlight the need to minimize heat and maximize oxygen in breast tissue. It was incredibly moving and thought-provoking.  [See the photos of the 7 things to avoid and the 10 things to do more of]

Angie continued the theme of empowerment by asking some questions around using Toastmasters to improve our public speaking skills in her table topics session (impromptu speaking),during the second half of the evening. Our participants were Marianna, JT and a guest, Sripriya.

Our evaluators were JT, Rowena, Ailsa, and Helen. Thank you all!

Thank you also to our grammarian Jane for providing the word of the day Empowerment and to our timekeeper Marianna, taking on her first role.

Best Speaker went to Susan and Best Evaluator and Table Topics Speaker was awarded to JT!
As always, we had several guests Sripriya, Elena, Nicole, Chloe and Joyce; we hope you enjoyed our club meeting and that can welcome you again soon! Just sign up on Eventbrite @ https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/toastmasters-wibf-speakers-city-tickets-18859299673

Ailsa rounded off the evening by giving a special toast to Susan, remembering her early days in our club and wishing her well in her future life in California. We all enjoyed drinks and nibbles.

Susan collecting her Best Speech ribbon
Let’s not get stuck on the one word “Empower” – there are others we can use too
Reminders of the word / theme of the meeting could be found around the room
Things to avoid
Things to do more of
Marianna collecting her “First Role” ribbon from Acting President, Rowena
Best Table Topic and Best Evaluator award
Ailsa delivering the surprise agenda item – “Farewell to Susan”

Jane’s detailed Grammarian’s Report
The view from the back of the room
One of our longest standing members with our newest member

VPM, Angie chatting to our guests afterwards about the benefits of joining Toastmasters

One thought on “9 August 2017 Summary

  1. Sounds like a fantastic meeting!

    Susan, best wishes for a happy, healthy and fulfilling future! Keep spreading positive energy and inspiring those around you!

    Liked by 1 person

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