Special Event with Jan Gow – Wednesday 13th July 2016


A special event with Jan Gow  and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow .  Peeping over the rainbow,  from both sides , especially looking at the Good Witch ITC”

I am proud and delighted to announce that on Wednesday 13 July, Jan Gow will join us and share a personal account of her experience with ITC (International Training in Communication) and how the 30 years as a member of ITC have guided and influenced her, from the early days right up to the current time. 

This journey includes winning speech contests at club, council and regional level, which ultimately led Jan onto representing New Zealand in the 1981 ITC Congress in Atlanta.  Jan’s life, and that of her family, was never the same again because whilst in the US, she took a 5 day side trip to Salt Lake City and became hooked on Genealogy, the tracing of family history.  

35  years on from this trip:

  • Jan has held the roles of Treasurer & President for the New Zealand Society of Genealogists (NZSG)
  • is a Fellow of the UK’s Society of Genealogy
  • has owned Beehive Books – a book shop specialising in genealogy computer programs, maps and books, since 1987
  • regularly speaks at various branches of NZSG
  • is a Genealogical lecturer, teacher and writer
  • is a frequent guest on NZ radio stations
  • has been running “Hooked on Genealogy “ annual tours to Salt Lake City & the UK for over 20 years.

To top this all off, in 2012 , Jan’s services to genealogical research were recognised and she was award the QSM, the Queen’s Service Medal.

Oh – she was also involved in an armed siege in April 1999 when a gunman walked into the Mormon church’s Family History Library in Salt Lake City.  Never a dull moment.

How many of the skills, confidence, leadership, opportunities and experience can be attributed to Jan’s time in ITC?  Please join us and find out.

Please see here for the meeting summary of the Special Event.


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