1st June 2016 Meeting Summary and Highlights

We had yet another amazing club meeting! Shola was our Toastmaster and she led us swiftly and competently through the evening!

 We had 4 prepared speeches, all from the Competent Communicator (CC) manual, the initial manual on the communication track! The first 2 speeches were Icebreaker speeches, which is the first speech in the CC manual, and has the aim to use existing speaking skills and to introduce yourself to the audience.

In her icebreaker speech “Phileas FoggAlexia made reference to Jules Vernes novel ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’, and took us on a journey through sharing personal stories from Spain, to Bangkok, South America to London. With every stop we learned a bit more about Alexia and look forward to discovering further interesting things about Alexia.

Eliza’s icebreaker speech “About me” touched on 3 points that define her: her family, her sense of competition and her unreasonableness. The personal stories allowed us to connect well to Eliza and she had us all laughing several times. I think many of us were impressed by some of her achievements to date!

Well done Alexia and Eliza on delivering your first speeches! We look forward to hearing more from you!


In her speechLondon Tree Week JT made us aware of this special event in London, took us on a small, five-tree tour and made us curious to find out more about the London Tree Week! The aim of speech #8 from the CC manual is to get comfortable with visual aids, and JT confidently used 2 visual aids, a shiny a book, and a couple of slides.

Richard was our guest speaker and told us about the scarcity of “Water”for his #9 in the CC manual. Richard had some great facts to support his speech such as: did you know that more people on the earth earn mobile phones, than have access to running water?! The aim of CC speech #9 is to persuade the audience, and Richard did so competently. We all can do our fair share by just doing something little every day. So thumbs up to those of us who already have a water meter installed in their homes and switch off the tab when brushing teeth!

Our evaluators were Carrie, Brana, Aileen Armelle and Nadine. Thank you also to our grammarian Ailsa who provided the word of the day ‘temerity’, and to our timekeeper Luana, who is one of our newest members and performed her first ever role. Well done!


Apart from being grammarian Ailsa was also our Table Topic master and lead us through a great impromptu speaking session on ‘temerity’ related topics. Well done with managing both roles at the same time.


Best speaker was awarded to JT, best evaluator went to Nadine and best Table Topics Speaker went to Thien – one of our guests. Many congratulations to all!


A big thank you goes to Florian for his great general evaluation with useful tips and lots of commendations! Florian is from London Victorians and his club always welcomes guest.

We also had two visitors . Thien from St Paul Speakers and Richard our guest speaker from Broadgate Speakers and one guest, Mischa. We hope you enjoyed your visit and we hope to welcome you again soon! Just sign up here, at least 2 days in advance and stop by again!


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