18th May 2016 Meeting Summary and Highlights

What a great club meeting we had today! Sayara was our Toastmaster, and she led us through an energetic and educational evening.

We had 4 prepared speeches from the Competent Communicator (CC) manual -the initial manual on the communication track. The first 2 speeches were Icebreakers (the first speech in the CC manual) which has the aim for speakers to use their existing speaking skills to introduce themselves to an audience.

In her Icebreaker speech Andra decided to tell us about her 3 passions: her work, travelling the world and sports. Through all her little stories, we were really able to connect with Andra, and felt her emotions when she was speaking about the fried scorpion, boxing and the passion for outdoors and horseback riding.

Anne’s icebreaker speech focused on leadership, and her openness on leadership in her private and family life  which really touched us. We were impressed about the leadership roles she has held already,  and found her thoughts on leadership and what makes a good leader. extremely interesting!  Great quotes certainly rounded up her speech.

Well done Andra and Anne, we look forward to hearing more from you! 


Brana spoke about the “Challenges of getting on the property ladder in London” and achieved the guidelines of the CC speech #2 of having a strong opening and conclusion, as well as a clear message. Instead of telling us about the affordability of non-affordability of property in London, Brana told us about difficulties of getting in an offer on that desired flat, getting a mortgage  and chains. She rounded up on a positive note and advised that patience, energy and time are essential to getting on the property ladder!


Beth asked us “Why do we do what we do?” and who would have thought that Beth already started her 4th business!?!? The aim in speech #8 from the CC Manual is to get comfortable with visual aids, and Beth prepared great supporting slides and used them very well. So ladies and gentlemen, why are we doing what we are doing? Great thought provoking speech.

Our evaluators were Rowena, Alexia, Helen, Carrie and Nadine. Thank you also to our grammarian Freda and the word of the day “speechify”, and to our timekeeper Eliza, who is one of our newest members and performed her first ever role, well done!

Susan led us through a great Table Topic session (impromptu speaking) with questions inspired by the book ‘Super Genes’ by Deepak Chopra, & Rudolph E. Tanzi, and saw participants answer questions on staying young, changing a habit, living up to 120 years in age and things we should really get started on.


The Best speaker was awarded to Beth, best evaluator went to Nadine and best Table Topics Speaker went to Daphne, one of our guests. Many congratulations to all!

A big THANK YOU goes to Daphne for her great general evaluation with useful tips and lots of commendations! Daphne is from Tottenham Speakers 

We also had three of guests Catherine, Mohamad and Victor. I hope you enjoyed your visit and we hope to welcome you again soon!


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