20th April 2016 Meeting Summary and Highlights


We had a great evening tonight and Viktorija, our Toastmaster let us through an inspiring and encouraging evening with lots of energy!

DSC_1059 (1)

We had 2 prepared speeches. Carrie started off with her speech #3 (Get to the Point) from the Competent Communicator (CC) Manual and had us already hooked with the title “Pick Me! Pick Me!”. IT was a story of facing challenges and in particular the dilemma of being relieved when not picked for impromptu speaking at Toastmasters and wanting to be called upon at a table topics session.


 Anne O. completed her CC by delivering speech #10 “Inspire Yourself!” and indeed inspired us to take challenges which will help us grow. If you know where you want to go, it may be long way, but even the longest journey started with a single step.


 Thank you to Timi for leading us through an interesting table topics (impromptu speaking) session on executive presence and gravitas during the second half of the evening.

Our evaluators were Rowena (2x) and Nadine. Thank you also to our grammarian Brana for providing the word of the day tacit and to our timekeeper Andra who is one of our newest members and performed her first ever role, well done!

Best table topics speaker was awarded to Armelle.

This must have been the meeting with most visitors (Ben from Data Science Club, Daphne from Northern Lights and the yet-to-be-chartered club in Tottenham, and Tola from BlackRock Speaks) as well as many guests(Alexia, Eliza, Gulnaz, Liliia, Marie, Richard, Saima and Umair), we hope you enjoyed our club meeting and that we can welcome you again soon!


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