My Division Level Experience at the International Speech Competition

On Saturday 16th April, at the London Business School, The Division L International Speech and Evaluation Competition took place. Sayara Beg represented WiBF Speakers -City Club in the International Speech Competition – Her first time at Division Level! Sayara shares her thoughts below on what the experience meant to her and what she learnt on the day.

“The Division Contest was an eye-opener for me and a huge learning curve. I felt I had a strong story, with good imagery and a powerful delivery.  But all that failed me, because I overlooked the single most important thing.  I did not have a purpose.  I did not say why I was telling the story and I did not have a conclusion or summary reinforcing why I was telling the story. I returned to my Storytelling Advance Manual after yesterday’s disappointment and discovered my mistake.  However, as Loretta said, “storytelling is my thing” and I feel that is my personal style.  I panicked after I lost the contest, because I thought where am I going to find another great story.  And after some thought, I realised that I started out with a small event that happened to me a long time ago and turned in to a great story.   It took me time to create that story but I did get there, albeit without a purpose.

So I’m going to work on that skill.  I’m going to search for another small event that I can turn in to a great story and this time, I’m going to look for a purpose to tell that story and build it in.  I am confident I can do that, because I feel I have learnt a valuable lesson from losing the Division Contest!”

We are very proud of Sayara’s achievements and marvel at her awareness and gift for storytelling. Mastering the competent communicator manual and subsequent advanced ones after a while can help you hone and discover particular speech writing and delivery talents which members such as Sayara have. Toastmaster competitions therefore gives you a bigger platform to explore and share such talents, as well as learn about areas of development you may need to become even better. We look forward to further supporting Sayara on her Toastmaster journey as she continues to develop as well as listen to more of her excellent storytelling speeches. Well done Sayara!