WiBF Speakers City on Fire at the Area 56 International Speech and Evaluation Contest!

A big congratulations is in order for Sayara Beg for winning the Area 56 International Speech and Evaluation contest which was held at the London Business School on 9th April. She now will represent the club at the Division level on Saturday 16th April at the London Business School. It was a magnificent performance and we wish Sayara every ounce of success at the next level! Sayara was ecstatic about her win and said: “I’m over the moon with my win, and i’m looking forward to representing the club at the next level.”

Sayara win at area 56 contest

Also flying high on the same day was our club President Nadine Petermann who was elected Area 56 Director in an election which was held after the Area 56 competition. Nadine will take up this position on 1st July , where she will be in charge of supporting the development of 5 clubs, by helping them reach their goals as well as act as a source of information for them! This is a tremendous leadership opportunity which we know Nadine will successfully execute!



Well done ladies on your fantastic achievements! We are all immensely proud of you.




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