Area 56 International Speech and Evaluation Competition – Thoughts from Carrie

On Saturday I attended my first Toastmasters Speech Contest (L56) and luckily I was attending as a “Functionary” and not a Contestant nor just a Spectator.  Why do I say “luckily”?  Well – I think an experienced contestant has enough nerves to deal with,  let alone a contestant attending a Speech Contest with no prior knowledge of how these events go, and lets just say … there is a silver lining not just just spectating, unless of course, you love Table Topics.

I was reluctant to sign up to a role as I did just want to sit, watch, learn and enjoy the day but I am so glad I said Yes. I was one of the Counters. It was very interesting looking at the judges slips and seeing which judges had place which speakers / evalulators 1st, 2nd and 3rd and it was fun to know that just 3 of us knew the results in advance of everyone else.  The other big positive – it meant I was out of the room when Table Topics was being held so I escaped that torture.  I am sure that after being selected to contribute to Table Topics a few more times I will be less petrified and one day, far in the future, I may even do as well as Susan who gave a brilliant talk on the best apology she’d received.

I definitely will attend future area speech contests and will not hesitate to sign up for Counter or Timer.  Thanks Nadine for encouraging me to take the role!


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