6th April 2016 Meeting Summary and Highlights

What a great evening! Shola, our Club’s Immediate Past President, was our Toastmaster of the evening and let us through a fun evening with lots of energy!

We had 4 prepared speeches. Anqi started off with her speech #6 (Vocal Variety) from the Competent Communicator (CC) Manual and the intriguing title [BLANK].She took us back to her childhood and told us some very amusing anecdotes.

JT followed with speech #7 from the CC and her task was to research her topic, which she clearly did in her speech entitled A.L.T.B.! JT told us all about her favourite potions and balms and we all learned a lot.  For example, who knew that lavender oil (L) can be used to soothe burns? I particularly enjoyed the strong aroma of tiger balm when she opened the jar. (TB)


Viktorija completed her CC by delivering speech #10 “Rebirth.” This was a terribly moving and very personal insight into Viktorija’s challenges and how Toastmasters was instrumental in her rebirth.

Aileen delivered her speech Warming up the cold call from the Persuasive Speaking manual. Brana helped Aileen by role playing a potential client in a sales call promoting the benefits of ISAs. Aileen showed us how to use powers of persuasion to secure a sales appointment.

Thank you to Susan for leading us through an interesting table topics (impromptu speaking) session during the second half of the evening, which saw us answering questions on diverse topics from ‘when did you feel the fear and do it anyway?’ to themes from childhood. Child-like is good, childish is bad! Our evaluators were Timi, Carrie, Rowena, Beth and Barbora. Thank you all!


Thank you also to our grammarian Yining for providing the word of the day adulate and to our timekeeper Timi who very kindly stood in at the last minute!


Best speaker went to Viktorija, best evaluator to Barbora, and best table topics speaker was awarded to one of our guests, Laura Meadowcroft.

As always, we had some visitors (Eliza, Khadiatou, Laura, Sivan), we hope you enjoyed our club meeting and that can welcome you again soon! 

Many congratulations to Viktorija, for completing her CC manual with a winning speech, what a great achievement!!!


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