23rd March 2016 Meeting Summary and Highlights

What an unusual evening, our most recent meeting was? We had almost as many visitors as members, and it was great to see so many new faces.

Anqi was our Toastmaster of the evening and she led us through the meeting with her usual energy, smiles and surprise elements. This time she choose the theme “living in the moment” and asked us all to close our eyes and forget everything that happened earlier in the day. This short moment of mindfulness relaxed everyone, and had us all fully focused on what was ahead of us.

We had 3 prepared speeches. Freda came first with her speech #2 from the Competent Communicator manual (CC) with the objective to organise her speech. Her speech was indeed well organised and gave us some great insights on the “Talking Drums” (or ancient twitter as she said) and how communication with drums worked (and continue to works) in Africa. We learnt that there were also female and males drums that were represented through different sizes and pitches. Perhaps even more interesting, we learnt that the Morse Code derived from the African drum with the dash representing the female drum, and the dot the male drum! 

Nadine came second with speech #2 from the advanced Special Occasion Speeches manual, which required her to to “Speak in Praise”, of someone. She did this through a speech entitled: “This is to you, my dear husband (to be)”, which was her practice wedding speech to her Fiance in 2 months!


Loretta delivered her 4th speech from the Public Relations manual (another advanced manual), which was a project which aimed to develop her ability to “Speak Under Fire” in order to get a hostile audience to appreciate her point of view on a controversial topic. She did this through a speech entitled:“The Case For Slavery Reparations in the Caribbean.” She gave some interesting and worrying facts on the legacy and impact of slavery, and how some well renowned big companies/banks are still benefiting from the profits of this crime against humanity. Loretta put forward strong arguments on how there is some legitimacy to slavery reparations in the Caribbean, and what organisations like the CARICOM (Caribbean Community and Common Market) see reparations working.

 Thank you to Rowena for leading us through an interesting table topics (impromptu speaking) session during the second half of the evening, where we heard on current topics such as the budget, pensions, equal pay, binge drinking in light of the queen’s birthday, Brexit and junior doctors. Various guests got involved also!

Our evaluators were Shola, as well as 3 of our guests Emily, David and our Area Director George. Thank you all!

Thank you also to our grammarian Katri for providing the word of the day ‘Renascent’ and to our timekeeper Barbora. A big thank you goes to Stephen for a great general evaluation, with some great tips and lots of encouraging feedback.

Best speaker went to Loretta, best evaluator to David (one of our guests) and best table topics speaker was awarded to Shola.

We had many visitors (Bethany, David, Darren, Emily, George, Harriet, Stephen), we hope you enjoyed our club meeting and that can welcome you again soon! 


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