9th March 2016 Meeting Summary and Highlights – International Speech and Evaluation Contest

Our Evaluation Contest competitors!

What a great contest evening we had on Wednesday! We had 3 high quality speeches during the first half which was the International Speech Competition, followed by 4 excellent evaluations in the Evaluation Contest.

Our president Nadine chaired the International Speech Contest, and Anqi chaired the Evaluation Cont

est, allowing them to both tick project #8 in the Competent Leadership (CL) manual. There were lots of time to chat and network before, between and after the contest, as well as some quick table topics on the movie Titanic, inspiring women and international men’s day (which actually does exist)  and should be celebrated on 28 November each year.

In the International Speech Contest, we had Rowena first with her speech “No Spring Chicken” and she had us laughing when she shared her experiences of getting older.

Ivy came second and her speech “A Plea for Mercy” was a grasping personal story with the message to believe in change and its inevitability. It was great to see how telling a personal story in an inclusive way allows the speaker to connect so well with the audience!

Sayara  was our third speaker, with her speech “Na-Nabbha and I” where she shared wonderful story from her past that motivates her until today! 

Our mystery speaker Emily was from the Bank Speakers Club and put great arguments forward on “Why should Romeo marry Julia” also mentioning other great love stories such as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, or the Chinese Emperor. Emily grabbed our attention the moment she came on stage and made it a great speech to be evaluated! Our evaluators (in order of the evening ) were Elizabeth, Sayara, Susan and Timi. It was great to see Timi participate, as it was her first Toastmasters evaluation ever. From an audience’s perspective,  it was great to get different views on the speech and hear the similarities in points that all the evaluators raised.

Our International Speech Competition Competitors.

Well done to all the participants! The audience was really impressed to see the high level of speeches and evaluations our club had to offer.

 Many congratulations to Sayara, who came first in the International Speech Contest and the Evaluation Contests!!! We look forward to supporting her at the Area Level International Speech and Evaluation Contest on 9th April at the London Business School!

Our Evaluation Contest competitors!

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