24th February 2016 Meeting Summary and Highlights

What an unusual and fun evening we had at our last Toastmasters meeting. We were a very small group yesterday evening, which saw several members taking several roles. Armelle was the Toastmaster for the evening, choose “intuition” as the theme of the evening and let us swiftly through the evening!


We had 2 prepared speeches. Freda started off with “Ghanaian Funerals: serious business?”, her speech #4 from the Competent Communication (CC) manual. Freda spoke about the sad and the celebratory side of Ghanaian funerals and how they have been traditionally executed, compared with the more recent parody,  which has seen Ghanaian funerals become expensive and commercialised  contributing to a loss of meaning.What an interesting and insightful speech!


Timi came second with speech #2 from the CC manual on “Networking in Practice” and gave us three great tips on networking: seeking opportunities, building relationships proactively and strengthening your relationships She explained this all through  providing brilliant examples. Great choice of such a relevant topic to all of us!


Following the 2 speeches from our members, we had Dave Longley give a speech on the Revitalised Education Program (REP) at Toastmasters! Dave is Assistant Area Director in our Area 56 and also the REP Ambassador of our Area. In his speech Dave explained why the education program at Toastmasters will be changed, how the change will be implemented, what the associated costs will be and how Toastmasters is as an evolving organisation is keeping up with changes in the world. Well done Dave on the positive and encouraging delivery of the presentation and conveying the message: not all change is bad.


We had an interesting Table Topics session (impromptu speaking) during the second half of the meeting, where our President asked questions on the upcoming EU referendum, on the expected outcome, what the queen would vote, whether the timing was right and if the situation on refugees will play a role in the outcome?


Thank you to our timer Brana and to our grammarian Loretta who stepped in last minute and provided serendipitous as the word of the day! Thank you also to Rose from London Olympians for her great and encouraging General Evaluation (GE) come back anytime!


The best speaker award went to Freda, best evaluator to Anqi and best table topics speaker to Pam, one of our guests. Many congratulations!!


We hope our visitors Helen and Pam enjoyed the evening and we would love to welcome you again soon! Just sign up here for the next meeting: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/toastmasters-wibf-speakers-city-tickets-18859303685

Our next meeting is on 9th March and will be our club’s International Speech and Evaluation Competition. All clubs around the world are participating, and competitors will progress (or halt) through their respective Country Area, Division and District levels until the world finals which usually takes place in the USA. Please join us and experience a public speaking competition and provide encouragement to our competitors!



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