27th January 2016 Meeting Summary and Highlights

What an exciting and effulgent evening we had on Wednesday! Rowena was our Toastmaster, and choose the theme “Why did you join Toastmasters/Which speaking skill would you most like to improve/have you most improved ?” and led us through an entertaining and fun session!

We had 4 prepared speeches. Barbora started off with her speech #3 from the Competent Communicator (CC) manual. In her speech “Adjust our balance: how to live more without working less” she argued for being more efficient in less working hours and enjoying more time to live.

The next 2 speeches had the same mission to Persuade the Audience with Power (speech #9 from the CC). Anne came first with her speech “Objectivism” and tried to persuade us to read a 1000+ page novel! Not an easy task, but with her arguments  and reasoning she did manage to put some strong arguments forward for Any Rand’s book: ‘Atlas Shrugged’. Next holiday novel I would say!

Viktorija’s speech “Location, location, location” showed off the pros and cons of working from home or from wherever you like to, and managed to put a strong case for the working from home option.

The fourth speech was from our President. She delivered her first speech from The Entertaining Speaker manual, and delivered a speech entitled: “Culture Clashes”, which  was a recap of some odd cultural situations she experienced,  which makes life so much more exciting!

Lisa led us through the second half of the evening with an exciting Table Topics session. While learning German she got amused by some of the German sayings and decided to translate them word-by-word to English and ask for an explanation.  What a fun session, with members and guests having to find explanations for “I only understand the train station.”, “All has an end only the sausage has 2.”, “Close the lid, the monkey is dead,” or the expression “foxdevilwild.” Well done to all!

Thank you to Carrie for being our Grammarian of the evening and providing the word of the day “effulgent”, and for our newest member Claudette to take up the time keeper role (her first ever role!). Thank you to Sayara for her General Evaluator (GE) evaluation.

We had many visitors Angela, Ari, Diana, Elisabetta, Jessie, Luana, Luciana and Rebecca.


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