13th January 2016 Meeting Summary and Highlights

It’s 2016, and we begun the New Year with a burst of energy! Thank you to Aileen for leading us though a fun and interesting meeting with the topical theme “Beginning of a new year: What will you be doing differently in 2016?”, which gave us many different insights. Perhaps most inspiring for was Helen’s mission of doing something nice every day for one person.


We had 4 prepared speeches and Carrie started off with her icebreaker speech (1st speech in the Competent Communicator “CC” Manual) and already the title “A Clayton’s Accountant” grabbed our attention. By the end we all knew what Clayton’s accountant means, where it comes from and also learned about Carries personality and background. Well done Carrie, we look forward to hearing more from you soon!

Lisa gave her 4th speech of the CC manual (how to say it) and with “Forget the Past” led us through some of her childhood memories in South Africa and managed to let us vividly be part of these experiences!


Yining choose “How to make your voice heard” for her speech #6 of the CC manual (vocal variety). What a great idea to makes use of diverse techniques such as volume, pace, pitch and others.

Helen kicked of her advanced manual on Technical Presentations, with The Technical Briefing Speech, and managed to deliver the content of a very technical accounting speech (‘Tax Deductibility of Corporate Interest’) to the audience’s needs, and all in an entertaining way!

JT led us through the second half of the evening with a topical Table Topics session (impromptu speaking) on the New Year which included questions like: what will you be doing differently?, what are your speaking goals?, which new year’s resolution did you meet or fail last year?, how will the optimal year look like? It was a great topic choice, which was enjoyed by all, and fitted well in the evening’s theme. Susan evaluated all the table topic speakers.


Thank you to our timer Therese and to our Grammarian Katri for providing the word of the day “pertinacious”.

Best speaker was awarded to Carrie, best evaluator went to Susan for evaluating the Table Topics, and best Table Topics Speaker  was awarded to Dudley, our GE (General Evaluator).  Well done all!

Well done to Carrie for giving her first speech and to Therese for performing her first-ever role at Toastmasters! A big thank you goes to Dudley for visiting our Club, being GE and giving us some valuable feedback!

A warm welcome to our guests Andrea, Angela, Ari, Diana, Dudley, Elisabetta, Eunice, Nassim and Soleen, we hope to welcome you again soon!


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