2nd December 2015 Meeting Summary and Highlights


On 2nd December 2015, we had our Club’s Christmas Party! A big THANK YOU goes to Armelle and Brana who jointly organised this very special evening!

Our meeting was held at the Open Kitchen Bar and Restaurant in Hoxton for this festive occasion and started off in a meeting room upstairs with 4 prepared speeches.

Our President Nadine started off with her very first advanced speech from the Special Occasion Speeches manual. In early November she went to a Toastmasters conference to accept the Toastmaster Corporate Recognition Award on behalf of WiBF and our Club, and in her speech she showcased the “Accepting an Award” project,  with her speech “Our Amazing Club!”


Our second speaker Rowena signed up for a comedy workshop in the summer, and as her final project she had to deliver a stand-up comedy act in front of an audience of 200 people. Rowena showcased this  through her speech “Stand Up Comedy – You must be joking!”, as part of her 6th speech from the Competent Communicator manual, and had us all laughing!


Our third speaker Aileen also delivered her first speech from an advanced manual! She choose the Persuasive Speaking Manual , and delivered her first project (“Getting to yes”) where she had to assume the role as an effective Salesperson.


Our final speaker was Helen, who delivered a speech that all got us into the Christmas mood. Helen also gave her first advanced speech from the Storytelling manual. Her “A Country Christmas” was an amazing story which she wrote herself, that captivated the attention and imagination of the audience.


Instead of the Table Topics we had Ivy stand up and sing a song for all of us! Following the official part, we went downstairs to the restaurant and had a fun evening with Christmas Crackers, Secret Santa and a delicious 3-course menu! What a great evening we all had!


Thank you for Brana our Toastmaster who led us through the evening, and thank you to Freda our grammarian for the word ‘epicurean’ and thank you to Yining our Timer. We also welcomed guests who attended our special meeting who were: Anne, Linda and Linda. We hope to welcome you again soon!

The best Speaker was awarded to Rowena and Best Evaluator went jointly to Loretta and Sayara.



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