16th December 2015 Meeting Summary and Highlights

Today was our last meeting of 2015, and we were keen to ensure that we ended on an energetic and memorable note!

The topical theme of the evening was “favourite Christmas decorations” We saw Christmas crackers, candles, a wobbling Santa, and lots of imaginary decorations described in wonderful words. We also got to taste treats from all over the world! Thank you to Sayara for organising and leading us through such an energetic and fun meeting for the end of the year!

We had 4 prepared speeches, kicked off by Katri with her Ice Breaker Speech, the first speech in the Competent Communicator (CC) manual. “City” to  City” enabled us be part of Katri’s journey through the cities she has lived such as: Espoo, Elizabethtown, Helsinki, London and Berlin before moving to London in August 2015.  We look forward to hearing more from Katri in the New Year!

Viktorija came second with a speech entitled’Rebel Heart’, which was speech #8 from the CC manual (using visual aids). We were really impressed with how she made a swift transition from the red (Christmas) rebellion mug to her speech. Madonna was the topic of her speech and left us all inspired and reassessing “what is my personal brand?”, “what is my professional brand?” and “what do I want to stand for?”

Armelle took us all through her personal experience of “Modified State of Consciousness” with her speech #9 from the CC manual (Persuade with Power). What an intriguing experience, supported by example from Descartes and other well-known individuals. Armelle’s question whether it is “always good to leave your dream and go back to reality?” left the audience with plenty food for thought.

Our final speaker of the evening was Karthik, a guest speaker from the Excalibur Speakers club, who delivered a speech from one of the advanced manuals, explaining a technical subject to a non-technical audience. “Are Britain’s Air Strikes in Syria Justified?” was the topic, and Karthik took us through  the history and the current situation of Syria, using slides effectively and was open to our questions in the end.

Thank you to Susan for such a topical table topics session on habits, energy, best ever year etc… which was a very apt subject as we head towards the end of the year, and hope to start 2016 bigger and better than ever! Sayara was our timer, and Timi performed the role of Grammarian. The word of the day  was “milestone”.

 A warm welcome goes out to our guests Anne, Becky, Karthik, Linyun,Nassim and Rebecca. We hope you enjoyed it and look forward to welcoming you again in 2016!

 Best Speaker was awarded to Viktorija, Best Table Topics Speaker went to Becky (one of our guests), and Best Evlauator went to Anne for her evaluation of Viktorija’s speech.


There will be no meeting on 30 December, hence our next meeting will be on Wed 13 January 2016.


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