18th November Meeting Summary and Highlights

We had a special event on Wednesday, and indeed what a special evening it was!!

Thank you to Sally for choosing the theme: “How can women empower themselves to succeed in the finance industry?” and leading us through an inspiring evening as Toastmaster! It was great to hear the tips from our members, including surrounding yourself by inspiring, motivating people; leaning-in and asking for what you want; considering networking as part of job instead of dealing with it after work; having a positive mind-set; having mentors/sponsors; confidence, credibility, developing a good network.


We had 3 prepared speeches! Timi started off with her Icebreaker Speech “Me and my biases” and gave us an insight in her 5 biases including safety bias, distance bias and the similarity bias. Only in her final sentence she revealed her name, nationality and profession. What an interesting, unusual and great way to introduce yourself. We look forward to hearing more from you Timi!

Anne, with “An introduction to Tarot” chose a great topic for her speech #7 of the Competent Communicator (CC) which requires researching your topic. There actually seems to be a pattern behind the different types of cards, colours and layout. I think we all got a nice insight into tarot, how your past, presence, future are linked and all destined by the cards you draw. Did you know Tarot is claimed to have its roots in Italy?

Loretta gave her third speech from the advanced Public Relations manual and inspired and motivate to take a career break at some stage of our career! With her speech “It’s never too late to take that year!” Loretta managed very well for most of us to share her viewpoint, which was part of her persuasive approach speech.


During the second half of the meeting we had a special event, organised by Sally and Yining who were able to tick off projects number 10 and 6 of their Competent Leadership manuals respectively! We had a special guest, Laura Barlow (Head of Restructuring at the Royal Bank of Scotland) who shared some of her experiences on public speaking, and took many of our questions afterwards!

Laura is a leading restructuring professional with over 22 years of experience in financial and operational restructuring and turnaround as an adviser, principal and investor in UK and international corporations. Laura shared some great tips, insights and thoughts with us and emphasised the importance of flexible skills, articulating your skills in a different way and echoed what was said before, to nature your network! Laura encouraged to keep a learning mindset and being open and alert. Maybe a little brush of cricket or rugby could be a good way to find common grounds to start a small talk? Laura also reminded us that we can all grow to become great leaders. While women often believe confidence is rooted in technical skills, we need to keep in mind that these skill do not define us!

A BIG THANK you to Laura for joining us and also for staying around afterwards to answer even more of our questions!

Thank you to our Timekeeper Carrie, and to our Grammarian Aileen for providing the word of the day “sedulous”.


Ellie from Holborn Speakers was our evaluator and gave us some great tips. Thank you Ellie for being GE at our meeting!

A warm welcome to our latest members Carrie, JT (welcome back) and Therese! Also a warm welcome to our other guests Kashmir and Katia. We hope to welcome you again soon! The best speaker was awarded to Loretta and Best Evaluator went to Lisa. Well done!


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