4th November Meeting Summary and Highlights

The theme of our meeting this week was celebrations from around the world, where we learned about members’ cultural (and sometimes religious) celebrations from their home countries. Thank you to Anne, our Toastmaster for leading us through a fun and energetic evening!


We had 3 prepared speeches! Barbora kicked off our evening with her second speech of the Competent Communicator (CC) manual‘European refugee crisis: what’s going on’ which gave us an insight to different attitudes of her friends (and some now ex-friends) on the refugee crisis, and posed questions for us all to think about.


Viktorija gave her 7th speech from the CC manual Losing my Desk, where she took us through the experience of moving to an agile work environment, and provided us with interesting facts about how we work, as well as pro’s and cons of moving to this new way of working.

Julia gave her first speech from the Special Occasion Speeches manual, treated us to a toast to WiBF SCC on our ten year anniversary, which was both inspiring and interesting.

Thank you to Aileen for leading us through the Table Topics session inspired by a collection of TED talks, which led to six thought-provoking questions from motivation through to luck driving success.


Thank you to our Timekeeper Freda, and to our Grammarian Lisa for providing the word of the day “undermine.”

20151104_183000 20151104_194804

We had a great general evaluation from Zhanna (from our sister Club in Canary Wharf) which gave us both great commendations and very useful recommendations. Thank you Zhanna for being GE at our meeting!


Also a warm welcome to our visitors and guests Luana, Emily, Jean, Sophie, Lucy and Faith.We hope to welcome you again soon! Best Speaker of the evening was awarded to Viktorija, Best Table Topics Speaker went toJean, and Best Evaluator was awarded to Loretta.

Our next meeting is on 18th November, and will be a special evening as we have  Laura Barlow – Head of Restructuring for the Royal Bank of Scotland speaking about her experiences of public speaking and leadership!

Best Speaker was awarded to Viktorija, Best Table Topics Speaker went toJean, and B

est Evaluator was awarded toLoretta.


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