21st October Meeting Summary and Highlights

“What do you want to be remembered for?” that was the theme at the meeting, on 21st October, and we had answers spanning from helping women excel, promoting integration, intercultural understanding, owning a company to promoting the best in people – what an interesting evening! Thank you to Ailsa, our Toastmaster for leading us through a great evening!


We had 3 prepared speeches. Brana started off with her first speech, the Ice Breaker speech, and gave us an insight in her life to-date. French or Serbain? how does she consider herself, maybe just a Londoner? Well done Brana, we look forward to your next speeches!


Elizabeth delivered her third speech from the Speeches by Management manual and managed to persuade and inspire us to Go the Extra Mile.


Sayara’s presentation from The Successful Club Series manual gave some real life examples on the Dos and Don’ of Mentoring, and pointed out qualities of a good mentor and a good mentee.


Thank you to Timi for leading us through the Table Topics session with five challenging and interesting questions on unconscious bias.

Thank you  also to our Timekeeper Katri, who performed the role for the first time, and thank you to all who used the word of the day “oversight”.

We had a great general evaluation from Cheryl (from Connecting Speakers Club in London) with lots of encouraging comments and some very helpful constructive feedback. Thank you Cheryl for being GE at our meeting!

A warm welcome to our latest member Carrie, and to our visitors and guests Cecilia, Claudette, Cristina, Cynthia, Emily, Eve, Michelle, Therese and Vidya. We hope to welcome you again soon!

Best Speaker was awarded to Elizabeth, Best Table Topics Speaker went to Lisa, and Best Evaluator was awarded to Susan.

We hope to see you all at our next meeting on 4th November! To visit us, sign up on our eventbrite page http://bit.ly/1LWt2Gm


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