7th October 2015 Meeting Summary and Highlights

Every meeting is a jubilant one at WiBF City Speakers honestly! A big thank you goes to Lisa for leading us through the evening with such a great idea for a theme: another you, your life in the multi-verse! How interesting to learn so much about my fellow members.


We had a full meeting with 4 prepared speeches.

Yining’s speech ‘Martial Art and Life Art ‘ revealed some quotes and words of wisdom from the Martial Arts Master himself – Bruce Lee. Her speech gave her lots of opportunity to let her body speak (speech #5).


Freda gave her second speech and had us thinking whether there was a reverse in womens’ rights in the Ashanti Kingdom in pre and post colonial Ghana with her speech on ‘Ancient Feminists, Modern Rules’.


Viktorija took us on a taxi ride in several countries including Dubai, India and Romania, and convinced us that a ‘Traveller’s dream come true’ is the existence of Uber.


Nadine completed her Competent Communicator (CC) manual with her inspirational talk ‘Start Living by Giving’  which addressed happiness.


Thank you to our Timekeeper Timi, and to our Grammarian Yining for the word of the day Stereotype.

20151007_192838 20151007_192916

Brana led us through the second half of the evening with a Table Topics session based on timely topics. Questions evolved around Uber, quitting your job and changing your life, breaking a rule to achieve something, religion and the 5p charge on plastic bags.


A warm welcome to our guests Claudette, JT, Shivanee and Vivien. We hope to welcome you again soon!

A big thank you to Vivienne from Data Science Speakers who was our GE for the evening!


Best Speaker was awarded to Viktorija and Nadine, Best Table Topics Speaker went to JT, and Best Evaluator was awarded to Sayara.

 20151007_191543 20151007_193220 20151007_193341 20151007_194133

A very warm welcome to our latest 2 members Timi and Katri, we look forward to you first speeches and having you around frequently.

If this meeting summary has motivated you to visit WiBF City Speakers feel free to contact us, and experience the next meeting on on 21st October at 6:15pm!


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