23rd September 2015 Humorous Speech and Table Topics Competition

On 23rd September 2015 was our Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest night, and what a fun and exciting evening it was! Aileen was involved in both organising and chairing this contest for the first time, and did a wonderful job in ensuring that thing flowed smoothly throughout the evening. Her achievements has thus resulted in her completing project #8 in her CL manual!

20150923_194138 20150923_194157

We had 2 speakers competing in the Humorous Speech contest, Shola and Beth. Shola told a most disturbing but hilarious story about her hotel room in the Berlin Ritz being invaded by two amorous strangers. Beth’s was a history of her kisses, starting at age two and ending with a foot fetishist!

In the Table Topics Competition the question posed to all participants was the following: “In the light of recent allegations of high jinks in our Prime Minister’s murky past, what do you most regret about your youth?” Four of our members participated, and everyone tackled the question in a different way. Anqi wished she could remember acts of bravery as a child to sustain her in adulthood, Rowena warned about inviting boyfriends on communal skiing holidays, and Shola advised us to not worry unnecessarily as everything will work out all right in the end. Lastly,  Ivy recounted a story about it not being a good idea to allow 5 year olds to get their 2 year old siblings drunk!

It was not an easy task for the judges, and in the end the following was announced:

Humorous Speech Contest Winner: Shola

Table Topics Contest Winners: Shola & Ivy


Congratulations to Shola who will be representing our  club at the Area Humorous Speech  and Table Topics Contest. A huge thanks also goes to our Chief Judge Ailsa, and visiting judges Ellie, Sophie, David, Michael and Wayne. Thanks to Yining and Loretta for counting and Barbora and Brana for timing.

20150923_194348 20150923_194356(0)

Our next meeting is on 7th October 2015 at 6:15pm. We hope you all can make it!


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