26th August 2015 Meeting Summary and Highlights

Wednesday’s club meeting on 26th August was a short yet fun meeting which had a topical theme of ‘The British Bake off’! We were comfortably led through the meeting by Aileen who was our Toastmaster for the evening. She asked members and guests what our signature dishes were, and replies ranged from carrot cake, red velvet cake and stir fry meals. She was ably supported throughout the meeting by Brana who was our timekeeper and Barbora who performed the role of Grammarian. Barbora provided us with the word of the day which was – ‘peripatetic.’

 20150826_182247 20150826_182330

Our first and only prepared speech of the evening was from Armelle who delivered her 7th speech from the Competent Communicator (CC) Manual entitled ‘Complexity Explained…’ In this speech Armelle attempted to explain her PhD thesis which aimed to explore why elite French Historians chose to write about colonial violence in Africa in university text books in one way, and in an entirely different way to other audiences. Her evaluation was delivered by Ailsa.


After the break Ivy led an extraordinary table topics session led by props which explored some very philosophical questions such as: can cancer be cured by science alone, perspectives on visions and prophesies, should death be feared, the link between creativity and insanity and much more. The answers to these though provoking questions were equally impressive from members and guests a like. Armelle was our table topics evaluator and evaluated all of the 8 table topic speakers.

 20150826_185837 20150826_190418 20150826_191017

Julia from our sister club WIBF Speakers – Canary Wharf was our General Evaluator and provided some encouraging commendations and useful recommendations.


Congratulations to Brana and Barbora for being the Timekeeper and the Grammarian and Ah Counter for the first time! We had two winners for the best table topics speeches which were Barbora and Ailsa. Well done! A special thanks also goes to Julia and our 4 guests who visited us and also took part in table topics.

Our Humorous Speech and a Table Topics Club Contest and will take place on Wednesday 23 September. Please do get in contact with us if you wish to visit. In addition, keep checking our website http://www.wibfspeakers.wordpress.com, and for those on twitter, please follow us @wibf_city.

I look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting on 9th September 2015!

Best wishes,


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