12th August 2015 Meeting Summary and Highlights

We had a fantastic meeting last night on 12th August! A big thank you goes to Anqi for leading us through the evening as Toastmaster with so much energy!


We had a full meeting with 4 prepared speeches. Barbora gave her Icebreaker Speech (first speech of the Competent Communicator manual) and impressed us all with her open and engaging delivery. Her speech built a nice picture to the soundtrack of her life and gave us an insight into the various type of music she enjoys. Well done Barbora, we look forward to your next speeches!


Julia delivered her 5th speech from the advanced Storytelling manual and brought history to life with her speech about Sadako Sasaki. An amazing  story of how a little girl with her 1000 origami paper cranes became a symbol for peace on earth!


Rowena’s speech on social styles was well chosen to facilitate stance, movements, gestures and eye contact (speech #5 from CC ). With real life examples and lots of humour she gave us some tips on how to deal with people who belong to a different social style category than our own.


Beth’s speech was inspired by Simon Sinek’s book ‘Start with Why’ and gave her a good opportunity to use different types of vocal variety (speech #6 from CC). She confidently told us her story of why she gets up with a smile in the morning. What is your reason to jump out of bed in the morning?


Thank you to our Timekeeper Freda, and to our Grammarian Shola for the word of the day ‘lackadaisical’.


Lauren led us through the second half of the evening with a Table Topics session based on personal stories from the past! We heard stories from as recent as 2005 and as long ago as 1983! Well done to all those that were called upon!

A warm welcome to our guests Sallyanne, Shailee, Sherifa, Shivanee, Therese, Timi and Urvashi. We hope to welcome you again soon!

Best Speaker was awarded to Julia, Best Table Topics Speaker went to one of our guests, Sherifa, and Best Evaluator went to Nadine.

Please join us at our next meting on 26th August! If you would like to attend please click the ‘Contact Us’ tab on this website.

Nadine Petermann (President, WIBF City Speakers Club)


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