Helen Blenkinsop’s Book Launch of Third Crime Thriller – ‘The Bride’s Trail’

Helen Website Pic

WIBF City Speakers is fortunate to have some very talented members, such as Helen Blenkinsop who is a novelist as well as a Tax specialist. She published her third crime thriller entitled ‘The Bride’s Trail,’ and launched the book at the Haggerston Tearoom last month under her pen name of AA Abott.

So what is ‘The Bride’s Trail’ all about?

Each year, nearly 270,000 people are listed as ‘missing’, some simply vanishing without a trace. When Kat, a glamorous blonde croupier disappears, her young flatmate, marketing graduate Amy, is left to raise the alarm. She soon discovers Kat has stolen her identity to marry an illegal immigrant for money. Worse, a sinister knifeman is on Kat’s trail too, and it seems he’ll stop at nothing to find her. Only Ross, her arrogant colleague at City insurer Veritable, is prepared to help. But can they find Kat before her killer does?

Fellow WIBF City Speakers Sayara Beg and Nuala Coll hosted the book launch in the Haggerston Tearoom, a cosy oasis just a stone’s throw from Haggerston Overground. Guests enjoyed networking, chatting about books, and best of all, Nuala’s home-made cakes. Be sure to check out the tearoom when you’re in the area. Helen has also written thrillers After The Interview and Up In Smoke, the last of which featured some ‘very believable’ characters working for a merchant bank in Canary Wharf!

Well done Helen!

AAA at Haggerston Tearoom 1 Great Pic of BOOKS on sale Nuala at Haggerston Tearoom 2 (1)Haggerston Tearoom Tea+Cakes


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